Global Edtech Startup Accelerator

Based in Pune, EDUGILD® offers an intensive mentorship and product realization program to any EdTech start-up in the world. Participants with creative, technology-based solutions to improve and enhance the learning experience in any field are welcome to apply.

MIT group of Institutes is established by Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad in 1983 with an aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia.MIT group now covers more than 60 institutions delivering education from KG to PG to more than 80,000 students. This multi-campus, multi-disciplinary institution has been contributing to the academic development of our society and country for the last 30 years and is poised to grow along with the times.


EDUGILD® is dedicated to supporting start-ups involved in creative use of technology for effectively enhancing learning experience in any field, supported by a world class panel of liberal minds, successful entrepreneurs, institutions, mentors, and investors. Typically, start-ups will be ready for EDUGILD® when their fundamental research, concept development and initial feasibility study have been completed. Selected start-ups will be mentored and guided by our network of mentors and subject matter experts in the in-residence mentorship program based in Pune.


EDUGILD’s vision is to EMPOWER LEARNING. It will be the catalyst for creating exciting learning opportunities and habits for the future generations. This will be achieved by providing a conducive environment to technology-based start-ups resulting in producing innovative and creative educational products and services. We look at learning holistically – including content and supporting elements essential such as applications, scholarships and libraries, among others.


Edugild Team

Prof. Vishwanath D. Karad

Founder, Executive President and Managing Trustee, MIT Group of Institutions
Sunil Karad


Executive Director, Trustee, MIT group of institutions
Rishi Kapal


Global Strategist & Chief Executive Officer, Author and International Speaker
Edugild Team


Strategic Partner

Omkar Kulkarni


Program Specialist


Project Executive


Graphic Designer


Our unique proposition emanates from the following critical elements.

Experience in education and education management

Strong knowledge of regulatory framework, opportunities and challenges being in the sector for last 31 years

Venture partners

Having skin in the game and mentoring the startups at EDUGILD® to enhance success ratio.

Mentors and subject experts

The Gurus who guide founders philosophically and open their networks for various activities required by founders. The Business Specialists experienced in the highs-and-lows of entrepreneurship or those who have strong business acumen. Their guidance to founders is invaluable in the areas such as business models, pitching to VCs and risk management. The Subject Matter Experts are high profile educationists of premier institutes or accomplished personnel in their specialized areas.

Institutional Partner

One of the key issues for startups is beta testing their solutions with the ultimate target group. EDUGILD® is fortunate to have a strong network of institutional partners who will support with product testing and commercial acceptance.


Our investor relations span across entities that are bullish to put stake in the EdTech and knowledge management sector.