EDUGILD® is Global Edtech Startup Accelerator with a vision to create world class organizations in the field of education, learning and development, skill development and knowledge management. Our strengths emanate from three decades of understanding the sector and providing a state of the art startups launch platform nestled in Pune, the education hub of India

What is the end to end selection process?

We invite startups in the related field and offer them opportunity to get mentored by a network of successful industry experts. During this duration effective and adequate mentorship is provided along with assurance of the first beta testing, customer opportunity being available, the process culminates with companies pitching to our strong network of funding organizations.

What is Startups selection thesis?

The selection criteria will be based on the originality of the solution, founders credentials, growth prospects, competitive advantage of solutions addressing education at all levels. Your passion to perform and deliver to the cause will be critically evaluated. Our selection basis will also include your view on how to evolve a strong management team along with broad vision of financials. Last but not the least do convince us why is EDUGILD® an accelerator of your choice.

Do you accept startups at the idea stage?

EDUGILD® accepts startups which are ready with product prototype or which are in a stage of early revenue.

Do you invest in competing companies?

This would not be a restraint in the selection process however will not be done voluntarily. In case of two competing companies apply; we would be evaluating them based on the uniqueness and merit in intellectual property they will own along with the analysis whether the market is large enough for them to compete. In such a likely case non-disclosures and confidentiality are assured in true professional spirit.

What kind of company formation and regulatory support will you provide?

EDUGILD® will recommend and connect subject matter experts in this area. We will not make any compromises in the area of company formation, legal and regulatory support including structuring. Our legal partner will be liable to take a small fee and stake in the startup and guide complete end to end company formation and regulatory aspects.

What do start-ups get out of EDUGILD® accelerator program?

Startups get following things:

  1. 1. A Growth Opportunity: Participate in the EdTech growth story, if that’s your passion
  2. 2. Mentoring: Our mentor panel includes individuals who are brands themselves, individuals experienced in the highs-and-lows of entrepreneurship or those who have strong business acumen and high profile educationists of premier institutes, or accomplished personnel in their specialized areas
  3. 3. Institutional Partners: One of the key issues for startups is beta testing their solutions with the ultimate target group. EDUGILD® is fortunate to have a strong network of institutional partners who will support with product testing and commercial acceptance
  4. 4. Investors: Our investor relations span across entities that are bullish to put stake in the EdTech and knowledge management sector
  5. 5. PR and Branding – we are a group to reckon with and having a world class accelerator program. It leverages your company to a high level of brand awareness.

How many companies will you interview for each batch?

EDUGILD® will screen all the applications that come in the window of timeframe when the applications are open. We will call the shortlisted start-ups for panel discussion and pitching. If passion is your driver then EDUGILD® is the place to be.

How can we get funding for our startup?

Upon successful application and selection into the program, startups will have an opportunity to pitch their products to investors.

Do we need to write a business plan?

Not necessarily, but we need you to provide as many details as possible as per the format of application form.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?

Confidentially remains the core of our ethics and doesn’t need an NDA to be signed. The virtue of our reputation hinges on trust and we will protect that ferociously.

We've already been working on our startup for a while. Is EDUGILD® appropriate for us?

Yes. The closer to market readiness dip stick, the better are the chances of the idea making it to EDUGILD’s fold

We've already taken some funding and we don't really need the money. Can we still apply?

Yes, funding is not only the thing that a startup requires. We have a mentorship program which will develop a startup from every front and will guide it to the road of success.

Do we have to start a company in India for us to get accelerated at EDUGILD®?

Not necessarily. However the regulatory norms need to be adhered to.

Do we have to be Indian citizens?

Not necessarily. However the regulatory norms need to be adhered to.

Can you get us visas?

We will be able to facilitate the process by providing invitation letters and associate you with the agencies who can do the job for you.

Are you looking for investors?

Yes. If you are an investor passionate to take the EdTech space forward then reach out to us.

Do I have to stay in Pune when the program ends?

No. Post the acceleration program you are free to operate from a destination of choices.

How can we get funded after acceleration program ends?

Only the acceleration program ends, however, your relationship with EDUGILD® continues. Demo-Day is your best opportunity to pitch to investors.

What sort of control am I giving up by granting equity to EDUGILD®?

EDUGILD® will be a minority stake holder in your company and you still run the show. More of this will be discussed post the application submission and engagement initiation.

When will I hear back about my application?

You would receive communication about 4-6 weeks before the start of the program. We will reach out to you basis the status of your application.

What if I have more questions I need answered before I apply?

Please feel free to send us a mail at